Borman Village Kids team

Jenny is the centre manager and an enthusiastic teacher, has a qualification in both early childhood and in primary school teaching. Jenny has many years of experience in leadership and has been involved in all aspects of early childhood centre development. Jenny lives on a lifestyle block with her husband Pete and daughters Elise and Sienna. She is also very active in her community.


Emma is the preschool team leader and has a passion for the Reggio Emilia philosophy and incorporating aspects of this into her teaching. Emma lives with her husband and two daughters Lucy and Amelia.


Todd is the centre owner and has been an active centre owner-operator since May 2000. Todd also provides support to other early childhood centres. Todd lives with his fiance Natalie and is a father of four children, Hayley, Dillon, Michelle and Abbie.


Larissa has a passion for nurturing infant and toddler children, she believes the building blocks of learning are developed in the early stages of life. Larissa lives on a lifestyle block with partner Nick and baby Taylen, loves nature and animals and has a passion for respectful practices and relationships.


Kim is an infant teacher with 15 years experience in both nannying and centre environments. Kim believes in primary care, respectful practices, nurturing children's curiosity and building strong reciprocal relationships. Kim's interests are in cognitive development, attachment theories and in infant and toddler theory.

Bronwyn Ross

Bronwyn is an infant teacher, with a passion for respectful practises and an advocate for natural development. Bronwyn lives with her husband Michael and children Amelia and Elijah.


Helen is our infant team leader and has early childhood experience with both home-based and centre environments. She believes in respectful practices and seeing the child as a capable learner, no matter their age. She values the concept of ‘ako’ – a reciprocal teaching and learning relationship, not only with tamariki but with whanau and other Kaiako. Helen lives on a lifestyle block with her partner Josh, and, their 2 sons, Tyler and Tait.

Rachel Cook

Rachel is a toddler teacher, her interests are in projects of learning and integrating learning, fostering children's curiosity and making discoveries, attachment and relationships.

Jaejae Beckham

Jaejae is a teacher in our preschool room. Jaejae is patient, loves to be involved in messy play, a kind and caring soul. Jaejae is very good at building relationships with all the children.

Hayley McCardle

Hayley is an infant teacher that believes that in primary caregiving and the importance of relationships. Hayley is into outdoor education and messy play.

Danielle Booth

Danni is a toddler teacher with emphasis on outdoor education, carpentry and construction, mat times and singing. Danni lives at home with husband Josh and kids Lily and Nathan.

Georgia Monzari

Georgia is in our preschool room, she is a kind and caring teacher, has a respectful practice catered to the individual child, fun loving and loves a laugh.

Shannon Morton

Shannon is a preschool teacher who has a passion for arts and creativity, social and dramatic play. Shannon builds strong relationships with the children and parents, likes to have through fun and a sense of humour.

Pam Smith

Pam is an experienced toddler teacher using the Pickler approach to teaching, an advocate for respectful practices and intentional teaching, adapting to individual learning needs.